MEC Masuku urges men to rise up and take a stand against societal challenges

Friday, 05 June 2013

Participants at the Men's Summit
The South African Men Action Group (SAMAG) joined by MEC Madala Masuku held a worthwhile men’s convention on July 2 at the Floreat Riverside Hotel hall for men to seat and reflect on the challenges they are faced with daily.

The meeting, steered by Samag, was aimed at discussing the behavior and attitudes by men in societies and to make deliberations with which to unravel such complications for the better of many generations to come. MEC Masuku who was afforded the opportunity to stand in for Premier DD Mabuza, lauded the prospect of being part of the meeting and said, “I feel grateful and appreciate that you stood up as men and carry out a responsibility of this note.

“This initiative will help a great deal to scrutinize and address the societal challenges our communities are faced with and improve men and their roles because they play a very integral part in families, schools and everywhere in the society. It is quite encouraging that you have taken the decision to talk about reality and the terrible experiences encountered deriving from the actions of other men in our communities.”

Men from different spheres of the province converged to this gathering to add their charisma in a stride to support the group and discussed further the issues of crime, rape and domestic abuse which most men seem to have taken a toll in. MEC Masuku added, “It is so odd how men would try to cover themselves up even though they had wronged. Sometimes they tend to be brave and surprisingly coward at the same time and would always want to be defensive when confronted by issues they’ve brought for themselves.”

Samag’s Mr Mokgethi Ranthako urged all the men to jointly come together to continue leading a good and exemplary life to encourage other matching parts to become responsible pillars of the society.