Functions and powers

The awards winning Mpumalanga Department of Finance was established to advance the Constitutional imperative of ensuring an efficient and effective use of provincial resources. As the custodian of public and municipal finance legislation in the Province, the Department provides support to all departments, public entities and delegated municipalities on supply chain management, audit and risk management, assets and liabilities, information technology and accounting services etc

Chapter 3 of the PFMA requires the Department (Provincial Treasury) to:

  • Prepare the Provincial Budget;
  • Exercise control over the implementation of the Provincial Budget;
  • Promote and enforce transparency and effective management in respect of revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities of Provincial Departments and Provincial Entities; and
  • Ensure that its fiscal policies do not materially and unreasonably prejudice national economic policies.

1. Administration

This programme is responsible for financial and administrative management support in the department. Read more...

2. Sustainable Resource Management

The programme provides professional advice and support to the Member of the Executive Council on Provincial economic analysis, fiscal policy, public finance development and management of annual budget processes. Read more...

3. Assets and Liabilities Management

The mandate of this programme is to facilitate an effective and efficient management of physical and financial assets and Information Technology Services. Read more...

4. Financial Governance

The responsibility of this programme is to provide a prompt support to the line functions by developing and implementing norms and standards (financial and non-financial). Read more...