Financial governance

The demand of this programme is to provide a prompt support to the line functions by developing and implementing norms and standards (financial and non-financial)

The programme consists of the following sub-programmes:

  1. Programme Support
  2. Accounting Services
  3. Norms and Standards
  4. Risk Management
  5. Provincial Internal Audit co-ordination

Strategic objectives

Sub programmes Strategic objectives
1. Programme Support To oversee the overall performance of the component in order to produce accurate and reliable financial information that is in accordance with Generally Recognised Accounting Practices
2. Accounting Services To ensure the effective implementation of Accounting Practices in line with Generally Recognised Accounting Practice
Prepare consolidated financial statements that reflects the financial position of the province
3. Norms and Standards To ensure proper financial management through application of norms and standards
4. Risk Management To promote effective optimal financial resource utilization
5 .Provincial Internal Audit co-ordination To coordinate the activities of all provincial internal audit offices and committees