Sustainable Resource Management

The programme provides professional advice and support to the Member of the Executive Council on Provincial economic analysis, fiscal policy, public finance development and management of annual budget processes.

The programme consists of the following sub-programmes:

  1. Programme Support
  2. Economic Analysis
  3. Fiscal Policy
  4. Budget Management
  5. Public Finance

Strategic objectives

  • To provide for the optimisation of the provincial resource envelope for the effective allocation of resources in line with government priorities over the MTEF
  • To render effective technical and strategic support to departments
  • Fiscal Policy
  • To strengthen and provide technical and strategic support for the institutional capacity of provincial and local government
  • To provide for provincial economic and social research and analysis, that informs fiscal policy development and the annual budget process thereby contributing to the provincial growth and development strategy

Sub programmes Strategic objectives
1. Programme Support To oversee the overall performance of the component in order to produce credible budgets and ensure effective and efficient supply chain management
2. Economic Analysis To provide for Provincial Economic and Social Research and Analysis that informs Fiscal Policy Development and the Annual Budget Process thereby contributing to the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy
3. Fiscal Policy To provide Fiscal Policy advice, determine the Medium Term Fiscal Framework, develop and optimise the Provincial Revenue Base and develop the Provincial borrowing Framework
4. Budget Management To oversee provincial allocation process aligned with provincial policies, growth and development strategy and provide strategic financial administration
5. Public Finance To provide departmental policy advice, ensure budget implementation and enhance service delivery
To provide for implementation of the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) requirements