This programme is responsible for financial and administrative management support in the department.

The programme consists of the following sub-programmes:

  1. Office of the Member of the Executive Council
  2. Management Services
  3. Corporate Services: (Human Resource Management, Legal Services, Communication )
  4. Financial Management (Office of the CFO)
  5. Internal Audit

Strategic objectives

  • To provide Political and strategic leadership
  • To Manage the Department effectively
  • To provide competent workforce and continuously benchmark the internal functions and performance outputs against best practices
  • To provide Strategic Financial Administration
  • Provide for the coordination of provincial internal audit for improved accountability and oversight

Sub programmes Strategic objectives
1. Office of the MEC To set priorities and political directives in order to meet objectives of the department
Provide an efficient and effective administrative support to the MEC
2. Management Services Promote accountability by the Head of the Department at all managerial levels and devolve responsibilities to the most appropriate levels
To translate policies and priorities into strategies for effective service delivery and to manage, monitor and control performance
3. Corporate Services Promote Human Resource Management in the Department
Co-ordination and integration of training programmes undertaken within the department in accordance with legal requirements as well as reporting requirements
Implement transformation policies in the department
Develop special programmes to support Provincial Youth, Disabled, Women, Children, HIV/AIDS and others
Implement sound Strategic planning and co-ordination processes for planning, monitoring, research and development
Provide legal advice
Manage Labour Relations
Develop departmental compliance policies
Implement the departmental communication strategy and provide support to other programmes
Provide effective auxiliary services
4. Financial Management (CFO) To provide Strategic Financial Administratio
Introduce sound Financial Accountability
Implement financial management accounting procedures to ensure compliance with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and other relevant financial prescripts
Implement effective Supply Chain Management procedures and policies
5. Internal Audit To co-ordinate activities of Departmental Internal Audit