MEC Kholwane advices youth to choose education and right friends

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Mr Eric Kholwane visited his former school, Masitakhe Secondary in Matsulu, Mbombela, to encourage learners to aspire for greatness through the education.

The youth month activity was coordinated by the school to raise the consciousness of learners about the historical significance of the Youth Day.

MEC Kholwane said the learners of today are fortunate because they do not have to take to the street to acquire better education because the generation that came before has done so.

“All that you have to do is to take your books, go to the classroom and listen and study, today.

“Tomorrow, we want leaders who will ensure that our communities are developed”, said MEC Kholwane

He urged the learners to make education as fashionable as other social interests within the communities.

He added that as the country reminisces on the incident of 16 June 1976 it is up to the young people to take the responsibility for their own course, to move South Africa and Mpumalanga Forward.

“The foundation of successful nations lies in the ability of the nation of youth, which is willing to learn and reproduce ideas and lessons from the successful struggle into meaningful solutions that addresses the challenges of the present times,” he said.

He encouraged learners to build the blocks for their prosperous future through spending quality time in classroom, displaying positive attitude towards their work, classmates and educators and also choosing the right friends.

MEC reiterated that leaners’ performance should not be measured by the end of year results, instead from day one of the school opening.

“We regard learner performance and performance management in general as the critical system issues that require full participation of the parents, educators and a willing mind and heart of a learner,” MEC added.