Mpumalanga Treasury receives second Clean Audit Award

Friday, 24 April 2015

Mbombela. The Auditor-General of South Africa awarded a trophy to the Department of Finance in recognition of its sterling performance.

The Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) Awards for clean audits was presented to the MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Mr Sikhumbuzo Kholwane on Wednesday, 22 April 2015 in Mbombela.

This is the second trophy that the Auditor General presents to the Department in recognition of the Clean Audit outcomes.

Mpumalanga Gambling Board also received the PFMA awards from the Office of the Auditor-General for the same reporting period.

MEC Kholwane welcomed the latest Clean Audit outcome and its accompanying trophy, saying it communicates an assuring statement to the people that the Department has accounted for the R251, 752 million which was allocated to it during the 2013/14 financial year.

“The Clean Audit outcome means the Department has produced and submitted the financial statements that were free from material misstatements,” said MEC Kholwane.

MEC said the Provincial Treasury will continue to lead the efforts to improve transparency and accountability in administrative processes throughout the provincial and local government.

He said the outcomes of the audit on the financial records of the department must be replicated in other provincial public institutions.

“The clean audit outcome of the Department should translate into improved service delivery and good corporate governance in all public institutions in order to present a fairly credible statement on the level of financial governance in the Province,” said MEC Kholwane.

He said accountability-inclined governance systems enhance the standing of the government in the eyes of the investors and acceptance of the work which the Department performs on behalf of the citizens of Mpumalanga.

MEC Kholwane said the Department will also upscale the level of support on financial management to departments, public entities and municipalities as part of its responsibility to enhance financial governance and public accounting in the Province.

“We will take decisive steps to restore the financial controls and support the introduction and implementation of measures to improve supply chain management and financial governance in the provincial and local government,” said MEC Kholwane.

The Provincial Treasury has, for the first time, taken the overall responsibilities of supporting the municipalities on financial management and governance systems following the establishment of a dedicated unit for financial municipal support.

The Auditor-General gives a clean audit opinion to an institution when its performance information on predetermined objectives and financial statements are fairly presented in all material aspects; show compliance with the relevant legislations and regulations and there is adequate disclosure of all material aspects relevant to the reports.

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