SCM road show ease information drought

27 September 2010

Government is mobilising all financial development institutions to impart knowledge and share information on service offerings with communities to increase chances of broaden access to opportunities, said MEC YN (Pinky) Phosa recently.

MEC Phosa was addressing number of people who were at the Provincial Supply Chain Management Road show in Volkrust recently.

The campaign, which is run by Provincial Supply Chain Management section and has become a dominant feature of department outreach programme with SCM officials educating community about the whole process of tendering from quotations until the payment is done. These Road shows had been conducted since 2006

“The road shows are intended to inform young people, women and people with disabilities about government programmes, particularly those that are aimed at extricate our people from the claws of poverty and underdevelopment”, said MEC Phosa.

MEC said the cabinet has heard the cries of the communities about inaccessible resource base for small enterprises, inadequacy of information on tendering/biddings etc that these roadshow are now undertaken in the province.

“It is based on the compelling factors that we realised that there is a need for systematic and strategic interventions in order to address the challenges which in most instances affect the most vulnerable members of our society, especially those seen as in the periphery,” remarked MEC Phosa.

The MEC urged the community to report any suspected corrupt activities by using the anti-corruption hotline: 0800 701 1701

The road show took place under the theme: “Celebrating South Africa’s Human Treasures, the custodians of our intangible cultural Heritage”.