COVID19 Procurement

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) We appeal to all South Africans to adhere to Lockdown Regulations; follow basic hygiene practices, and adhere to prescribed health measures in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, "Mr PS Ngomane, MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism"

Together, we will overcome COVID-19 pandemic.


Reporting on Earmarked COVID-19 Allocations
Reporting on Earmarked COVID-19 Allocations [ 95 KB]
Provincial Government publishes First COVID-19 Expenditure Report1 [ 801 KB]
COVID-19 Provincial Procurement Disclosure Report for First Quarter of 2020/21 [ 801 KB]
Provincial COVID 19 Procurement Disclosure Reports [ 95 KB]
Procurement Regulations
Annexure A - PPE Price List: [ 154 KB]
Annexure B - Recommended Guidelines Fabric Face Masks RSA DTIC: [ 502 KB]
COVID-19 Disaster Management Central Emergency Procurement Strategy for PFMA Organs of STATE
National Treasury Instruction No 5 of 2020 -Emergency Procurement in Response to National State of Disaster [ 8 766 KB]
National Treasury Instruction 4 of 2020-2021 extension of IYM and quarterly reports [ 2 460 KB]
Provincial Database Form
Combined Supplier Database Form and Price List for Covid-19 Procurement : [ 737 KB]
Advert for Registration on Database
COVID-19 Provincial Procurement Database GOODS & SERVICES [ 387 KB]
The official application form and price list schedule for registration on the Provincial database can be obtained from the website of the Provincial treasury at [ 363 KB]
If you do not have a digital signature you are allowed to use your Initials and Surname on the space of a signature to avoid having to print the form [ 318 KB]
The official email address for submission of the Provincial COVID-19 Procurement Database forms is [ 323 KB]
Direction to complete COVID-19 Database Form for Manufactures and Suppliers [ 412 KB]
Manufactures and Suppliers are informed that the CLOSING date for submission of Completed database application forms is Tuesday, 05 May 2020 [ 322 KB]
(Sound Clip) COVID19 Voice Promotion Database Invitation [ 352 KB]
UPDATE call to suppliers to register on Provincial COVID-19 Procurement Database, Clossing Date: 05 May 2020 [ 502 KB]
Call to suppliers to register on Provincial COVID-19 Procurement DATABASE, Clossing Date: 05 May 2020 [ 504 KB]
Statements and Notices to Suppliers
Extension of closing dates for Tender Bulletin No.287 and other BIDS[ 877 KB] Wednesday, 13 May 2020 at 12h00 PM.
Information & Education on COVID-19
COVID-19 Self-assessment
COVID19 Procurement Contact Mr. Dumisani Mdhluli at 013 766 4354