Phosa tables R255m for Provincial Finance mandate

18 May 2012

MEC of Finance, Mrs Pinky Phosa tabled the policy and spending plans for the Department of Finance at the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature on Friday, 18 May 2012.

The main focus of the department during the financial year will be on programme activities that accelerate the advancements made in the priority areas such as provincial budget management, supply chain improvement initiatives and other interventions to improve public accounting.

The department has been allocated a total budget of R255, 340 for the current financial year. This budget represents a 15 per cent increase from the budget allocation of the financial year ended on 31 March 2012.

The 2012/13 budget of the department includes a special allocation of R8 million towards improvement of capacity of municipal and departmental officials to effectively implement Public Finance Management Act and Municipal Finance Management Act and other related Treasury Regulations.

Additional amount of R7.5 million has also been allocated to enable the Department to provide book keeping and auditing support to section 21 and No-Fee schools as well as government-subsidised Non-Government Organisations in the Province.

“The allocation of these resources will go a long way in establishing and sustaining a good working relationship between the organisations and the Departments of Education and Health and Social Development. It is also a major step towards improving accountability for public resources that are allocated to support these public-funded institutions,” said MEC Phosa.

Phosa said the provincial government has made progress in reducing expenditure on administrative support programmes.

“The expenditure on administrative support programmes has been reduced from 11.4 percent in 2009 to 6.6 percent this year. The reduction of budgets on administration programmes will enable the provincial government to deliver the required level of quality services within our fiscal mean, while also ensuring that budget are allocated to programmes for delivery of community services,” said Phosa.

The department is also championing number of interventions which are intended to improve provincial supply chain, audit and budget and expenditure management.

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Issued by Communications, Department of Finance, Mpumalanga Provincial Government