MEC Phosa welcomes women-inspired book, encourages reading

09 August 2011

The books are one of the written forms of media which are the basis for a learning and prosperous society, said MEC Pinky Phosa at the launch of a book titled “It can only be a woman”, in White Revier, Nelspruit.

MEC Phosa said it is through the oral and written media that the society gets to know about the past and the present and through that construct a path for the future which is based on solid knowledge and experience that has been accumulated over a period of time.

She acknowledged the role of local women writers, adding that they wield the greatest power by using the pen and ink to record and transmit the agenda of social and economic development of women in the country.

“It can only be a woman,” is an offering by a renowned writer from the province of the pioneering spirit, Pearl Khoza.

The book takes the readers on a journey to retrospective review of how well women have walked the experiences of the past and how best they could walk the journey ahead.

It captures the view that women have for long been waiting for the saviour, one who will free them from oppressive cultures, policies, systems and level the playing ground for them.

According to the writer, Pearl Khoza, ‘It can only be a woman’ advance the view that “while the days of slavery are gone the mind is yet to realise the true liberty.

“It posits that any mind cannot achieve this freedom unless it unlearns the past and embraces new knowledge as well as adapt in cognisance of other people’s experiences.”

MEC Phosa said it is books like “It can only be a woman” that will motivate and remind women about their worth in the social and corporate life.

“This is an important addition to the work of literature by woman about the power and strengths of women. I hope it will inspire women and girl children to aspire to take the bull by the horns in the very competitive social and corporate life,” said MEC Phosa.

She noted though that while there are many writers of good books and the body of literature grows every day in the country, the culture of reading is not following the increasing volume of new materials that the writers place in the public discourse.

“I would like to encourage everyone, men and women, to tap into the power within them, read widely in order to enrich their knowledge and most importantly to support the efforts of our writers,” Phosa said.

The timing of the launch of this book coincided with the celebration of Women’s Month.

According to MEC Pinky Phosa, the launch of the book which is inspired by women was “a special occasion in that it invoked the artistic and creativity of a woman during the month in which we celebrate the gallant actions of the great women of 1956”.

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