Public procurement officials empowered to improve service delivery

31 August 2011

Mpumalanga MEC for Finance, Pinky Phosa urged the officials to be part of the initiatives to combat any incident of fraud and corruption that may arise in the procurement systems.

Phosa was speaking at the provincial seminar on supply chain management which was held on Wednesday, (31 August 2011) in Nelspruit, Mbombela.

The seminar was a sequel to the announcement of the treasury instructions on enhancing compliance monitoring and improving transparency and accountability in supply chain management.

MEC Pinky Phosa urged all public procurement officials to ensure full and effective implementation of this supply chain management reforms in order to give the province a better chance of improving the quality of life of all the people.

She said the government is committed to dealing decisively with fraud and corruption because any such incident undermines the democratic Constitution and disadvantages our people from accessing better health care and education.

“The government will continue to strengthen the systems to detect and deal with instances of collusion and corruption whenever they appear.

“We will furthermore ensure that the auditing and vetting of bid processes is strengthened to ensure adherence, compliance and ultimately to eliminate the possibility for fraud and corruption but as well to avoid litigations,” said Phosa.

She said the government has also introduced practice notes on rotation and vetting of officials within supply chain management as part of interventions to protect the integrity of the procurement processes in the provincial government.

“We will continue to enforce these practice notes because we are convinced that, when properly implemented, collusion in the operations of supply chain management will be reduced, said Phosa.

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Issued by Communications, Department of Finance, Mpumalanga Provincial Government